Tuesday, 9 October 2007

True Islam: Lecture 1 ( IMAN)

We will take a start with very basic root of Islam, Iman , in English it is called as faith.
According to Wikipedia faith can refer to a relegion, or to believe in one or more deities. It has two implications:

1. Trust
2. To believe without a reason

Psychologists asserted that the power of faith is as effective as nothing else. In the cure of psychic diseases and creation of confidence and inner peace. In cases where severe hardships shatter man's personality and divest him of his hope and will power, trust in God produces a profound and undeniable effect in a defeated soul. Failure, adversity, and defeat can never create a storm in the pure hearts of godly men and make them suffer despair and loss of self-assurance and self-respect.

In Islam there are catagories of faith depending on the strength of belief. This strength of belief plays a key role in catagories or stages a muslim go through, they are:
1. Muslim
2. Mutaqi (Plural: Mutaqeen)
3. Momin ( plural: Momineen)
4. Sadiq (Plural: Sadiqeen)

We all are so called muslim, a join community of same belief. God is one, there is one book and the day of judgment will certainly come, are code of conduct for this worldwide community. The truth is that most of us do not even bother to think upon what we say. Praying five times a day , fasting or even good deeds does not mean that we are true believers.
Mutaqi ( means; who have fear of something , in this case fear of Allah) is a step ahead of that so called muslim. Quran itself describe tha nature of a Mutaqi and its propeties. In Chapter 2 versus numbers 3 - 5;

Who believe in unseen, Are steadfast in prayer, And spend out what We have provided for them. And who believe in the revelation sent to thee. And sent before thy times, And have assurance of the Hereafter. They are on (true guidance), From their Lord, and it is These who will prosper.

These all word need practice, a true physical practice. saying it does not mean a true Mutaqi. If you see everything needs a true heart involvement. Saying only that we are afraid of God is not have a true meaning unless you are fully involved in it.

If you look at the begining of the versus it started with belief in unseen. If you look back to the implication of faith it says that believe without any reason, Unseen is blief witout a reason. Human mind will not believe anything without sensing it with five senses or you can seeing is believing. This is the nature is the of the body, since it is from earth it always related itself with earth prperties. Belief in unseen is not a property of earthly matter, it is something above its limit , more higher degree and spiritual, here comes the role of soul.

Soul is heavenly thing , ununderstandable phenomenon, where human mind fails and touches its limits, soul boundries start from there. Its the soul which make you believe in unseen, therefore, you need to nourish it. Its food lies in meditation, but you need you knock the door first to link with it. You can make a link with soul when you break the link with your body. Body sustain itself on food and other necessities, minimizing those would result in a link. If we explain the necessities , it is a long list and everybody is aware of their own, but for instant take 'Greed' , it originate from body and it keeps on growing with every step you take to achieve your last step, that means there is no end to it, minimise it , then you will come to yourself. Judge yourself and you will know yourself good. Your soul knows exactly what is good, because it is programmed to know good and bad, since it is a spel of God , therfore it will go in the direction of goodness by its own nature. When you fear God, you will always choose for the good and will hence achieve the stage of 'Mutaqi'. You may have heard ask your heart if it is good or bad, because answers to all your questions lies in your soul, but you need to know how to connect to it.

( In next lecture we will cover the rest ...)